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On this page are images of the samples woven for the annual sample exchange from 2003. Where known, information about the history of the structure, the weaves and modern weavers are noted. All samples can be found in the Medieval Textiles Sample Notebook in the Complex Weavers' Library. If any are of interest and you are a member of Complex Weavers, do contact the librarian about borrowing the binder.

Samples (c) 2003 by their respective weavers

Samples from December 2003:

Crystal Morgan's damask

Weave: Damask on a drawloom

Weaver: Crystal Morgan


Gayle Bingham's broken diamond twill
Weave: Balmaclellan Diamond Twill

Weaver: Gayle Bingham

Warp/weft: 5/2 pearle cotton

sett: 20 epi/ppi

Notes: This was woven in Balmaclellan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland in the 1st-2nd century AD., woven in fine wool. This weave was found in the book, (Scotcopy): Early Textiles Found in Scotland by Audrey S. Henshell, M.A., F.S.A. Scot. This weave was originally a 4 shaft weave.


Weave: Broken Chevron Twill

Weaver: Alexandria Abarria

Warp/weft: 5/2 pearle cotton

linen weave Weave: 12 c Abbey of St. Truiden in Belgium

Weaver: Carolyn Priest Dorman

Warp/weft: woven at 36 epi/ppi finished at 40 epi/ppi

Notes: woven with white linen warp & weft, about 20/1 grist
Weave: Gebrochene from the Victoria and Albert Museum

Weaver: Jan Ward

warp/weft: wetspun linen singles

sett: 40 epi/ppi

Note: Woven in white on white linen

Weave: Huck from the Museum of London textiles book

Weaver: Nancy M McKenna

warp/weft: 10/2 cotton:

sett: 24 epi/ppi

Notes: Same as woven in wool last year. Finished at about 32 epi/ppi.

Weave: broken diamond twill

Weaver: Nancy M McKenna

warp/weft: 10/2 cotton

sett: 24 epi/ppi

Note: same draft as Tui Hedstrom's from last year, but in yarns that do not show the pattern as clearly.

Weave: broken diamond twill

Weaver: Tui Hedstrom

warp/weft: 20/2 cotton

sett: 45 epi/ppi

Note: This pattern was featured in the Norwegian Textile Letter Vol IX, No. 3 & 4 and is dated to approx. 1600.

Weave: broken diamond twill

Weaver: Laura Artates

warp/weft: 12/2 and 18/2 wool

sett: 36 x 18

Note: Used for the tunic featured in the December 2003 issue of Medieval Textiles. Pattern from the Sutton-Hoo Ship Burial, Elisabeth Crowfoot

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