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On this page are images of the samples woven for the annual sample exchange from 2005. Where known, information about the history of the structure, the weaves and modern weavers are noted. All samples can be found in the Medieval Textiles Sample Notebook in the Complex Weavers' Library. If any are of interest and you are a member of Complex Weavers, do contact the librarian about borrowing the binder.

Samples (c) 2005 by their respective weavers

Samples from December 2005:


Alexis Abarria diamond twill Weave: Diamond Twill
Weaver: Alexis Abarria

Yarn: Handspun Singles
Teryl Alexander


Weave: Warp Weighted Loom woven fabris; tablet woven edge with twill
Weaver: Teryl Alexander
Gayle Bingham, front

Gayle Bingham, back

Weave: Anasazi Twill
Weaver: Gayle Bingham
Sett: 20 epi/ppi
Yarn: 5/2 pearle cotton
Notes: This is a pattern from Los Guanacos, pictured on page 159, E1 & E2, Prehistoric Textiles of the Southwest by Kate Peck Kent, 1983, School of American Research.
Sue Furst Weave: Plain weave with tracking making "crepe" effect
Weaver: Sue Furst
Sett: 30 epi/ppi
Yarn: tightly spun 2 ply
Notes: Dyestuff: weld, grown in Portland, Or. area. Soil: acidic. Mordant: Alum.

Ratio: 1# dyestuff to 1# wool.

Tui Hedstrom Weave: Birka Herringbone Twill
Weaver: Tui Hedstrom
Sett: 37-1/2 epi; 2-3-2-3 in a 15 dent reed
Yarn: 20/2 pearle cotton
Notes: This is a textile from Birka recreated from a Swedish article. In the Viking display of the University Museum in Bergen, Norway, are some small brown pieces of cloth and on the shelf next to them are three drawdowns: plain weave, 2/2 twill, and herringbone.
Krystal Williams


Weave: 2/2 Broken Diamond Twill
Weaver: Krystal Williams
Sett: 34 epi in a 17 dpi reed
Yarn: 20/2 linen in red and black
Notes: As drafted from North European Textiles by Lise Bender-Jorgensen
Cynthia Williams


Weave: Coppergate Linen Weave
Weaver: Cynthia Williams
Notes: This weave could be considered a block weave with 2 tiedown shafts and 2 pattern shafts. An 8 shaft loom could weave three blocks.

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