street view View of a street in the Medieval section
street on corner of bldg Statues occupy niches on many of the buildings
st mary of the sea ceiling medallion in Barcelona Cathedral
st george St george, on fountain/washbasin in cloister of Barcelona cathedral
lace Statue in chapel off to the side in the cloister of the Barcelona cathedral. Click on image for larger image. (Opens into new window)
collar Collar on cloak? To see larger image, click on image. (opens in new window)
watermellon watermellon in sweets shop. Art as well as food!


St. Tropez

street View of street in medieval section
fruit view of fruit stand in food market.
drawbridge Drawbridge.

St. Honorat

fortified monastery Fortified monastery
cloister Looking across, where the floors are no longer in the fortified monastery. This is a rare monastery - but most did not have to ward off pirates.
Inside the cloister. The center is open to the air (as it was originally - no marks of a roof above - and here is the well. Still holding water.
cannonball furnace Cannonball furnace. This is the "back" where the cannon balls were loaded. The would roll down channels to the "front" where there would be a fire. By the time they get to the front, the balls would be red hot. They would then be loaded into the cannons for firing.
Portofino, Italy
madder Madder growing thru the fence. Madder grows all along the fence in the untended grounds between the Brown museum and the lighthouse.
Portofino's Laces Bobbin lace pillow at Portofino's Laces, a shop where one may purchase lace embellished items.
lace Lace table runner and placemats. Marked 15 euro - for the set.